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The success of All Saints Camp is directly associated with the generosity of parishes, organizations and the individuals who have given so generously since the camp was founded in 1978. It is because of this generosity that All Saints Camp has not only managed to survive but has been able to expand over the 35+ years since its inception. For the camp to continue on this positive path, we need your help. Please consider making a donation to All Saints Camp.



As the ASC Committee looks to the future, we have been working on a long term development plan. Below you will find a portion of this plan which will not only help to raise the funds needed for these projects, but will also keep everyone informed.


• New Wash House

• Millennium Building Renovations

• Encampment Office / Triage

• Pool Pavilion

• Dining Hall Expansion

• Primitive Camp Site

• Retreat Building


If you are interested in sponsoring any of the projects listed above please contact us to discuss this opportunity.

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