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From the inception of All Saints Camp, we have been able to exist and grow because of our hard working volunteers. We would not exist if it were not for these individuals who have given their time and talents to make sure that the youth of our Diocese have a safe place to go, learn...

The success of All Saints Camp is directly associated with the generosity of parishes, organizations and the individuals who have given so generously since the camp was founded in 1978. It is because of this generosity that All Saints Camp has not only managed to survive...

Want to Sponsor a Fundraiser?
The All Saints Camp committee is always looking for help raising the funds needed to maintain and improve our camp. For those individuals and organizations looking to sponsor a fundraiser with the Camp in mind, we have put together a couple of ideas to help you make your fundraising efforts a success. These materials have not only been compiled to help with your fundraising but to also educate people about All Saints Camp and what we have to offer. If you are interested in sponsoring a fundraiser, please take some time to review the materials included on this site...
More Info Coming Soon
Spread the Word
Whether you have visited All Saints Camp or just stumbled upon this website, please share with your friends and family. Sharing your experiences at camp with others is the best way to spread the joy that is All Saints Camp!
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