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Our History

The idea for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Camp stems back to the early 1970s. At this time the Western Pennsylvania Region of the Ukrainian Orthodox League was renting outside facilities to host weekend retreats for the Junior U.O.L. and weeklong Teenage Conference encampments.


In 1976 the Western Pennsylvania Region of the U.O.L., which had established a Campgrounds Fund several years earlier, determined that they would need their own camp in order to achieve their aims for the youth of the Church. A comprehensive search revealed that an existing Y.M.C.A. Camp, approximately 80 miles north of Pittsburgh was for sale. Once the committee determined that this camp was, indeed, suitable for their needs, economically feasible and desirable, the Western Pennsylvania Region U.O.L. proceeded with plans for the acquisition of the camp. Situated on 95 acres along the Allegheny River and comprising of 15 log-type buildings, the camp appealed to all who came to an open house picnic there in July, 1977.


The Pittsburgh Deanery, heeding the plea of the Western Pennsylvania Region U.O.L., convened a meeting of pastors, parish officers and U.O.L. chapters to discuss the proposal. It was decided that, indeed, with the help of parishioners, the purchase price of $120,000 was a possibility. Appeals were made to His Beatitude Metropolitan Mstyslav for his blessing to conduct a Fund Drive. In September, 1977, the Ukrainian Orthodox League, at its 30th annual convention in Pittsburgh, pledged to raise $25,000 in one year towards the purchase of the camp.


In October, 1977, the project was approved by the Sobor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Metropolitan Council of our Church approved the purchase and mortgage application. The Ukrainian National Aid Association then granted an $80,000 mortgage. After long legal deliberations, the purchase was finalized on April 20, 1978. It took countless hours of work, planning and commitment on the part of a small committee of devoted faithful of the Church as well as the enthusiasm and encouragement of pastors, parishes and U.O.L. chapters throughout the country to make the dream of a owning a camp a reality.


The dedication and blessing of All Saints Camp took place on Sunday, June 25, 1978.


Since its dedication All Saints Camp has continued to grow. In 1988 the Millennium Building, a large multi-purpose building with classrooms, bedrooms and a large meeting hall was erected on the property. As years passed the camp installed an in ground swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, a pavilion, two new camper cabins and a manager’s cabin.


During the summer of 2008 a chapel was consecrated on the All Saints Camp property. The construction of this edifice was paid for by a very generous, anonymous donor. Parishes, U.O.L. chapters and individuals from across the country stepped forward to sponsor the iconography and appointments for the chapel. With the addition St. Thomas chapel came a permanent structure where campers and visitors can worship together.


All Saints Camp continues to expand to meet the needs of the youth of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A. as well as other renters who use the facility throughout the course of the year.

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