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Join the All Saints Camp Boosters today!


Anyone can do it! To join see your local ASC Booster Club Representative or contact Chris Mills. You can send your donation check of $25 made payable to “All Saints Camp Boosters” to the address below. Your Booster Club information will be sent to you! 

When you join the All Saints Booster Club with a $25 donation, you will receive:

  • Receive an ASC Booster Club Calendar

  • A three digit number that provides you a chance to win $25 a day or more on special days as listed! 

  • During the year, if your number matches the “Evening” Pennsylvania Daily Lottery (3 digit number drawing) you win the prize listed on the calendar for that day!


Thank you for your consideration and for supporting All Saints Camp!


Christine Mills

641 N. Allerton Ct.

Moon Township, PA 15108


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