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We, as an All Saints Camp Family, are so appreciative of all that the founders did to ensure that their vision of a camp for our church youth, was brought to reality. Since that time countless faithful have worked tirelessly to ensure that our camp not only remains a vital part of the Church but that it also stays relevant with the changing times. Since the time of the camp’s founding, new structures have been built, and many upgrades have been completed. These have been completed thanks to the donors and workers who have continued the work of our founders.


As we prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of All Saints Camp, we must
begin to plan for the next half-decade of our camp. This will require us to have continued maintenance and upgrades on the property. This will require many volunteers to give of their time and it will also require funds. This booklet is the kick-off for our capital fundraising campaign. Through the pages of this booklet you will find the planned improvements that, moving forward, will be made to the camp. We hope you will review this document thoroughly and determine what you can afford to give in order to help ensure the success of All Saints Camp for the next 50 years.

With a history full of love and dedication one can only imagine what the future holds for All Saints Camp. In order for the camp to reach its full potential, we need your help to cement a future for All Saints Camp. We are calling on past staff members, campers and all supporters to give generously of your time and money to support the future of All Saints Camp. This camp has played an integral role in the spiritual lives of so many individuals and we pray that we will be able to ensure that this occurs for another 50 years.

• One-time donations

• Pledge amounts payable over five years

• Remember ASC during estate planning

• Donation of time at scheduled work weekends

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We know that you care deeply about All Saints Camp and there are a number of donation levels that may interest you. Additionally, we invite donors to learn
more about specific naming opportunities or to discuss how you may be able to impact the future of All Saints Camp. Please contact Michael Nakonachny at or (440) 503-3151 to see how your assistance can make an impact on the future of All Saints Camp.

Contact Us
Fundraising Chairperson

Michael Nakonachny

(440) 503-3151

Camp Manager

Joshua Oryhon

(518) 424-5701

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